The 80/20 Nutrition Guideline

None of us are perfect and so why should we expect our diets to be?

What I see in my Nutrition Clinic is a sharp swing from extreme diets and food restriction to over-eating and over-indulging.

It's very often, all or nothing when it comes to the food we eat.

But does it need to be?

Nutrition and wellbeing is about what we do MOST of the time.

Extremes, diets and deprivation are not the answer and constant over-indulging isn't either.

Our bodies thrive when they receive wholesome, nutrient-loaded and delicious food. And yes, there's still room in that picture for treats!  

That's your 80/20.

And with 53% of the packaged food supply in Australian supermarkets and stores being made up of 'sometimes' foods (Neal 2018) such as soft drinks, biscuits, chocolate and salty snacks, we all need to question the quality of the food we're buying in packets.

Our full range of organic and naturally gluten-free mixes are the perfect inclusion for your pantry.

No fillers. No added sugars and preservatives. No junk.

You can rely on them to be mess-free and stress-free every single time and enjoy them as part of your 80%. 

Unless that extra cookie or two leads into your 20% and that's perfectly OK too!



Neal, B 2018, The Georges Institute, 'Australia's supermarket shelves full of highly processed and highly unhealthy foods', <>.